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Tools for migration of databases from and to Microsoft Access.

Data Loader            commercial
Data Loader is a simple but powerful tool that exports and imports data between many popular database formats. The latest Data Loader version supports database migration between MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, Excel, FoxPro, DBF, Microsoft SQL Server, CSV and Delimited or Flat Files.
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Datenimport von Access nach MySQL            
Who migrates from Access to MySQL need to transfer its data. This article describes some possible methods.
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DBConvert provides a constantly growing range of tools focused on database conversion and synchronization between different Database Management Platforms.
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Full Convert            commercial (demo available)
Das Tool Full Convert von Spectral Core überträgt Daten von und in diverse Dateiformate oder Datenbanken.Für Power User bietet es viele individuelle Einstellungen.
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Intelligent Converters         
Intelligent Converters entered the software market in 2001 and is specializes in data conversion techniques. The goal of Intelligent Converters software is to convert data with a minimum loss of information (e.g. formatting properties for text documents or field attributes for databases).
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