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Tools for migration of databases from and to Microsoft Access.

Datenimport von Access nach MySQL                  [ Translate this page ]
Who migrates from Access to MySQL need to transfer its data. This article describes some possible methods.
[ Affiliated: July 24, 2005 ]

DBConvert provides a constantly growing range of tools focused on database conversion and synchronization between different Database Management Platforms.
[ Affiliated: January 28, 2013 ]

Full Convert            commercial (demo available)
Das Tool Full Convert von Spectral Core überträgt Daten von und in diverse Dateiformate oder Datenbanken.Für Power User bietet es viele individuelle Einstellungen.
[ Affiliated: September 29, 2014 ]

Intelligent Converters         
Intelligent Converters entered the software market in 2001 and is specializes in data conversion techniques. The goal of Intelligent Converters software is to convert data with a minimum loss of information (e.g. formatting properties for text documents or field attributes for databases).
[ Affiliated: January 28, 2013 ]

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