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Miscellaneous Microsoft Access samples, that doesn't mach one of the prior categories.

Bernd Held provides useful links, tips, tools and add-ins for Microsoft Excel, Access, Office and Works.
[ Affiliated: November 20, 2005  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Mutex                  MDB
This example shows the use of a Mutex, with which very simply can be determined whether a program is already running. With a small function one can query the status and prevent the start of a further instance.
[ Affiliated: January 18, 2004  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Reading Text Files                  Freeware
In addition to "standardizing" the handling of files, this class also gives the programmer a "look ahead" and "look behind" feature that allows the programmer to "see" the next line before it's actually used, and the last line it worked with.
[ Affiliated: May 04, 2003  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Sub-classing Entities                  Freeware
This sample borrows a technique from object-oriented design, and sub-class the entities. In relational terms, you set up multiple tables: a master table, which contains the information that is common to all entities, and subsidiary tables that contain the specific information for each type.
[ Affiliated: July 27, 2003  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

TommyK's Access-Beispiele               
Microsoft Access sample databases on miscellaneous topics. All downloads are freeware.
[ Affiliated: August 07, 2005  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Track IntelliMouse's Wheel                  Freeware
In Access 97, the IntelliMouse's wheel has the effect of paging through records. Often times, it might be necessary to track how many records, forward or backward, the user has moved by using the wheel.
[ Affiliated: May 18, 2003  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

TWAIN-Scanner steuern               Freeware MDB
How to control a scanner with the integrated TWAIN interface from Access.
[ Affiliated: June 13, 2004  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

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