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Tools to search and replace strings or objects in Microsoft Access databases.

Access Dev Tools "Find and Replace"         
A site for (mostly) commercial tools for Access and VBA developers. Right now there is a very fast Find and Replace tool available. More tools will be published in the future.
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Find & Replace            
Find and Replace 9.0 is an add-in utility for Microsoft Access. It provides a "Find and Replace" function for Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros, and Modules.
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ReplaceWiz               commercial
ReplaceWiz is a Global Search and Replace for Microsoft Access Databases. It is capable of accessing the design properties of all Objects in Access Database, that includes Database and relationship objects.
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With SPEED Ferret, you can quickly search all properties of all objects for a text string, simultaneously view and print out all occurrences, make changes to selected occurrences, test the changes, and undo unwanted changes.
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Suchen & Ersetzen               Freeware MDA
Search and replace strings in queries, macros all elements of forms or reports, including their SQL-strings.
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TM - AbhängigeObjekte            Add-In
This tool checks, if a table, query, form or report is referenced somewhere else in your database.
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TM - QueryEditor            Add-In
The TM - QueryEditor searches and replaces SQL strings in all your queries all at once.
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