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Controls to enhange Microsoft Access user interfaces.

dbPix image control for Access               commercial
Add pictures, photos and images to Access databases easily and efficiently with dbPix, the image control for Access. Avoid storage overhead, complex coding and dependencies. Supports data-binding, drag and drop, lossless JPEG rotation, background decoding, resample/thumbnailing, TWAIN, EXIF viewer.
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Rotate Label ActiveX Control               Freeware ActiveX
The purpose of the Rotate Label ActiveX control is to produce Rotated Text in Microsoft Access. This control mimics a normal Access TextBox control. It has a RecordSource property so that it can be bound to a field or contain an Expression.
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XPressFree Library               Freeware ActiveX
The XpressFree Library is a 100% ATL Based control library and includes a series of useful controls (advanced labels, buttons and checkboxes) to help accelerate application development when using tools such as VisualBasic, Internet Explorer, and Visual InterDev. You must register to download it.
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XPressSideBar               free
The XpressSideBar includes dozens of advanced features designed to simplify the development process and help you create cutting-edge interfaces for the applications you develop.
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