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Tools to create, enhance or modify Microsoft Access user forms.

acForm               Freeware MDB      [ Translate this page ]
This OneFrmTool changes the size of (almost) all controls on a form.
[ Affiliated: July 21, 2002 ]

Forms Wizard               Freeware
The Forms Format Wizard can be used to change the format of Forms, Form Sections, Text Boxes, List Boxes, Combo Boxes and Labels on forms.
[ Affiliated: March 08, 2003 ]

FormToScreen               commercial (demo available)      [ Translate this page ]
FormToScreen fits the size of form to the actual screen size automaticaly permanently or on opening.
[ Affiliated: August 22, 2004 ]

GOSTReSIZe - MS Access Realtime Resizer               Freeware Add-In      [ Translate this page ]
The GOSTReSIZe add-in creates VBA code, that resizes all controls at runtime according to the form size.
[ Affiliated: December 17, 2006 ]

Automatically rescale/resize your MS Access forms, controls, and fonts to fit any screen resolution, desktop scheme, or font setting.
[ Affiliated: May 05, 2002 ]

Smart Form Builder Wizard               MDA
Create smarter Access forms. Automatically builds ready to run forms with navigation and auto-filtering built-in.
[ Affiliated: May 18, 2002 ]

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