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Forums are an alternative to the Usenet newsgroups. They require no access to a news server and can also be used in internet cafes or behind firewalls.

Access Forum                  [ Translate this page ]
German Access forum at
[ Affiliated: February 28, 2002 ]

Access World Forum            
Forum of Microsoft Access Help Centre.
[ Affiliated: August 03, 2002 ]

Access-o-Mania                     [ Translate this page ]
German forum for Access, Office and similar products with lots of tips, hints and downloads (only for registered users).
[ Affiliated: October 19, 2003 ]

ActiveVB Access-Forum                  [ Translate this page ]
German Access forum from
[ Affiliated: February 13, 2005 ]

Das Access-Tutorial Forum        
Martin Asal's Access-Tutorial forum.
[ Affiliated: April 13, 2009 ]

donkarl Forum                  [ Translate this page ]
Karl Donaubauer's forum on Access, SQL-Server and his famous German Access-FAQ.
[ Affiliated: April 27, 2015 ]

Entwickler-Forum Access               [ Translate this page ]
The Access forum of, a German website for developers.
[ Affiliated: May 04, 2003 ]

excel-center Access-Forum                  [ Translate this page ]
Discussion, questions and exchange of experience approximately around Microsoft Access. Example files can be attached to the individual contributions as appendix. This can be used without registration.
[ Affiliated: February 27, 2005 ]

MS-Office-Forum                  [ Translate this page ]
Forums for all Microsoft Office products, needless to say also Access and Excel.
[ Affiliated: December 02, 2001 ]

MS-Office-Forum Offline Reader               [ Translate this page ]
33,000 threads with about 140,000 posting from the German MS-Office-Forum for offline searching, reading and printing.
[ Affiliated: November 28, 2004 ]

PC Review Access Forums         
A dozen forums on any aspect of using and programming Microsoft Access.
[ Affiliated: June 01, 2008 ]

Supportnet                  [ Translate this page ]
The Access forum of the German Supportnet.
[ Affiliated: September 15, 2002 ]

Technikal Work Forums with lots of Access categories.
[ Affiliated: August 03, 2002 ]

Utter Access Dicussion Forums         
Microsoft® Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, Visual Basic®, SQL Server®, Office online help discussion forums. And... many more!
[ Affiliated: May 31, 2004 ]

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