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If you have problems with Microsoft Access, you will find assistance on one of the following pages or in one of the newsgroup or forums.

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Access Developer Portal               
The Microsoft Office Access developers' home on MSDN. In this section, you will find articles and code samples that describe how you can use Access to create sophisticated solutions, extend data to the Web, and build database solutions faster.
[ Affiliated: February 17, 2008 ]

Access Weekly                  
Weekly Newsletter (in German) from SmartTools Publishing, containing tips and downloadlinks about Microsoft Access.
[ Affiliated: July 25, 2004 ]

This site provides numerous sound tips, samples, functions and downloads an Microsoft Access programming.
[ Affiliated: March 06, 2013 ]

All about Microsoft Access. Lots of samples, Tips, VBA-functions, developertools and links.
[ Affiliated: October 03, 2001 ]

Carl Prothman.NET               
MVP Carl Prothmans site about ADO/RDO, including FAQ.
[ Affiliated: January 12, 2003 ]

Dirk Burkamp Access FAQ            
The historic German Access FAQ. Last Revision 1-98.
[ Affiliated: September 21, 2003 ]

Engl. Access FAQ            
This FAQ site is designed to help Microsoft Access developers find answers for some common questions.
[ Affiliated: October 03, 2001 ]

Falk's Seite über Access-Datenbanken               
Falk Weimanns site wants to influence your decision whether to use a database or a spreadsheet program for your application.
[ Affiliated: October 25, 2008 ]

Google Groups               
Post and read comments in Usenet discussion forums.
[ Affiliated: October 03, 2001 ]

Historical Review of Access Versions         
Pictorial history of Microsoft Access including package images and feature enhancement descriptions.
[ Affiliated: June 27, 2004 ]

Karl Donaubauers Access FAQ               
THE German Access-FAQ from MVP Karl Donaubauer.
[ Affiliated: October 03, 2001 ]

The most famos german KnowHow-MDB with tons of samples and functions.
[ Affiliated: October 12, 2001 ]

Microsoft Access 97 Replication            
This white paper discusses the Microsoft Jet Replication Architecture, as well as how to implement replication, create replicas, synchronize data, resolve conflicts, use partial replication, and other topics.
[ Affiliated: January 25, 2003 ]

Microsoft Access Email FAQ               
Various tips about and method of sending your email from Access.
[ Affiliated: January 25, 2003 ]

Office 2013 Quick Start Guides         
If you’re new to Office 2013, you can download any of this free Quick Start Guides. These printable guides contain useful tips, shortcuts, and screenshots to help you find your way around.
[ Affiliated: April 27, 2015 ]

Portuguese community for Access     
Community for Access Resources in Portuguese language. Many open exemples, articles and tutorials.
[ Affiliated: November 14, 2010 ]

The lowdown on Access 2007            
The most significant release in 12 years, Access 2007 introduced major new functionality in both the engine and the interface. Seasoned developers discovered new things are possible, and casual users found more things within their grasp.
[ Affiliated: July 19, 2009 ]     
Microsoft Access tutorials, examples and tips for people living in Turkey.
[ Affiliated: November 14, 2010 ]

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