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Bilddatenbank Archiva            
Manage and archive your digital photos with Archiva.
[ Affiliated: August 10, 2003 ]

CD-Archiv Plus               commercial (demo available)
Filemanager for data and music files.
[ Affiliated: September 19, 2004 ]

CddaDB - CD-Verwaltung auf Basis von "Cdp_Ini"               Freeware MDB
This program imports album, interpret and title from windows "Cdplayer.ini" to tables identifying the CD by its serial number.
[ Affiliated: February 01, 2004 ]

CD-ROM-Archivierung und Verwaltung               Freeware MDB
Archiving and administration of CD-ROMs.
[ Affiliated: April 06, 2002 ]

DATAMANAGER               commercial (demo available)
Archiving solution for any kind of data carrier, i.e. CDs, DVDs or hard discs.
[ Affiliated: July 16, 2006 ]

FilmDB - Film-Verwaltung für VHS und DVD               Freeware MDB
Complete film management for your video tapes or DVDs.
[ Affiliated: February 15, 2004 ]

Mp3DB - MP3-Dateien verwalten               Freeware MDB
Program to import and manage mp3-files. It supports version 1 and 2 ID3 tags.
[ Affiliated: August 08, 2004 ]

Musik-Archiv 2007            
Organise your media files (CDs, mp3 files, LPs, DVDs etc.) on your PC in a database. You can connect your files to other documents like pictures or WebPages.
[ Affiliated: December 02, 2007 ]

Ordnerschilder und Register drucken: Regista            
Program to label file folders and registers.
[ Affiliated: August 25, 2003 ]

Video Datenbank            
Archive your CD or DVD collection
[ Affiliated: October 23, 2005 ]

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