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Ahnenforschung                  [ Translate this page ]
Apllication for genealogical research. Create your own family tree.
[ Affiliated: November 06, 2005 ]

Das Weinbuch               Freeware      [ Translate this page ]
Microsoft Access database to manage your private wine cellar for Access 97 and 2000.
[ Affiliated: March 04, 2007 ]

Laufprotokolle               commercial (demo available)      [ Translate this page ]
This runners protocol is suitable for the documentation and evaluation of your match data. Many meetings can be administered for an unlimited period and evaluated. Thus can be determined progress, strengths and weaknesses.
[ Affiliated: February 28, 2006 ]

Super8 Filmliste               Freeware      [ Translate this page ]
This database application to manage your super 8 films is available in versions for Microsoft Access 2.0 and 97/2000.
[ Affiliated: May 13, 2006 ]

Tooor - Ligenverwaltung               Freeware MDE      [ Translate this page ]
Leage management system for almost any kind of sport.
[ Affiliated: April 06, 2002 ]

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