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AccEPT - Access Error Prevention Table                  
Useful tips, hints and suggestions how to prevent error in programming by Josef Pötzl.
[ Affiliated: January 18, 2004  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Access 2013 for developers         
Find how-to content, sample code, SDK and API documentation, VBA references, training, and technical articles for developing solutions and customizing Microsoft Access 2013.
[ Affiliated: August 17, 2015  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

AccUnit            free
AccUnit provides unit testing experience for the serious VBA developer. The VBA programming language unfortunately only contains rudimentary functionality to test the code (Debug.Print, Debug.Assert). AccUnit now offers the possibility to run automated tests on MS Access. It uses the SimplyVBUnit, an Unit Testing Framework written in VB6.
[ Affiliated: January 20, 2016  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Brad's VB-32 Programs & Samples               
A unique collection of freeware programs and code samples catering to the intermediate and advanced Visual Basic programmer familiar with the Win32 shell, common controls, and API.
[ Affiliated: October 03, 2002  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Database Evolution: Microsoft Access within an Organization's Database Strategy            
This paper covers the issues surrounding Access, why it's become problematic in large organizations including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), where it's appropriate to be used, and where it's not.
[ Affiliated: August 19, 2007  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

FMS Technical papers            
These FMS Technical papers were written by FMS and published and/or presented at Access conferences.
[ Affiliated: October 03, 2001  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog               
Jensen Harris is the Group Program Manager of the Microsoft Office User Experience Team, which is responsible for the overall interaction and visual design of the programs that ship in Office. In this blog, he writes his thoughts about the ins and outs of defining and designing the user experience of Microsoft Office.
[ Affiliated: August 11, 2008  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Learn MS-Access Tips and Tricks            
Learn Microsoft Access Advanced Programming Techniques, Tips and Tricks. with in depth tutorials on Access Classes.
[ Affiliated: November 10, 2021  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Microsoft Access within an Organization's Database Strategy            
There has been a lot of confusion over the role of Microsoft Access within an organization. Sitting between the power of Excel and client server databases, Access extends from simple end-user tasks to mission critical operations. This paper hopes to cover the issues surrounding Access.
[ Affiliated: January 25, 2009  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Quellcodeverwaltung mit Access            
This articel on using source control tool whith Microsoft Access shows how you can manage your VBA code and which programs to use for this.
[ Affiliated: July 04, 2014  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Tesina esami di Maturità su Database Access               
Italian Access portal.
[ Affiliated: October 17, 2001  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

The Access Image FAQ            
This FAQ by Ammara Digital Image Solutions collects useful tips on handling images in Microsoft Access.
[ Affiliated: June 14, 2013  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Windows API Viewer for MS Excel         
Windows API Viewer for MS Excel is a standalone powerful tool for creating Windows API code, with or without conditions, to be inserted in code modules. Since it is a standalone tool it can, per se, be used with other development tools. But the Windows API here are selected for MS Excel in particular.
[ Affiliated: September 24, 2016  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

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