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Integrate mail and internet in your Microsoft Access databases.

Access und Email                        [ Translate this page ]
Manuscript and samples of Bernhard Martins speech "Access and email" at the 6. German Access Developer Conference in October 2003.
[ Affiliated: February 15, 2004 ]

Class for sending emails through GroupWise                  Freeware
Class that automates sending email from Novell GroupWise.
[ Affiliated: February 22, 2003 ]

Creating Dynamic Web Pages with Microsoft Access            
Want to create dynamic, server-generated HTML from your Access database? This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the process.
[ Affiliated: August 07, 2005 ]

Designing Data Access Pages            
Want to design a Data Access Page using Access 2000? This step-by-step tutorial walks you through the process.
[ Affiliated: October 23, 2005 ]

DFÜ - Verbindungen in Access                  MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Sample how to show, start and stop telecommunication sessions from within Microsoft Access.
[ Affiliated: July 21, 2002 ]

Email FAQ - Lotus Notes            
How to send mails from Access via Lotus Notes.
[ Affiliated: October 31, 2004 ]

Email-Versand per Winsock.dll               Freeware MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Send email without a DLL, also serial mails and many attachments.
[ Affiliated: November 02, 2003 ]

FTP-Transflex                  [ Translate this page ]
This sample tool shows how to download and upload files from websites in Access.
[ Affiliated: December 26, 2005 ]

Google Übersetzer nutzen                  [ Translate this page ]
Sample for usage of Google Translate with VBA and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
[ Affiliated: June 02, 2011 ]

HTMLEditor                  Freeware
HTML Editor built around the MS Web Browser control.
[ Affiliated: July 13, 2003 ]

Interfacing With MS Access 97+            
Tutorial how to connect a PHP form to a Access database.
[ Affiliated: August 21, 2005 ]

Internet-Download                  MDB      [ Translate this page ]
How to get a file via internet with some simple API calls.
[ Affiliated: March 14, 2004 ]

Lotus Notes mails and appointments            
How to create a lotus notes mail or appointment from a VB or VBA application.
[ Affiliated: October 17, 2004 ]

Mailing                  MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Sample how to create serial mails with SendObject.
[ Affiliated: August 08, 2004 ]

MAPI32-Interface                  MDB      [ Translate this page ]
This demo shows how to use the "unsupported" Microsoft MAPI32-Interface DLL to send mails direct out of Access.
[ Affiliated: August 22, 2004 ]

Simple Web-Database System Application            
This application is for the beginners who wonder how to build their own web database system on their own computers. Microsoft FrontPage98 and Microsoft Access are used in the demonstration.
[ Affiliated: August 21, 2005 ]

SMTPsend - Einzel- und Serienmails via WinSocket versenden               Freeware MDB      [ Translate this page ]
Sendig single or bulk mails via WinSocket/SMTP.
[ Affiliated: June 13, 2004 ]

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