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Tools for Access database developer.

ACCESS Dependency Checker            Free Add-In
This free Microsoft Access Add-In reveals the dependencies between database objects like tables, queries, macros etc. and helps to maintain and clean up your MS Access databases.
[ Affiliated: April 21, 2016  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

accessUnit is a Unittesting Framework for Access. It contains (still?) not all features, which established Frameworks such as JUnit or NUnit have, but offers the Access developer basic functions for the test-driven development. accessUnit is freely and can easily be integrated in existing databases.
[ Affiliated: September 19, 2004  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Accplorer            commercial Add-In
This addin builts a cross reference list for your databases. You can e.g. see, which query is used by other queries or which form uses a special VBA code.
[ Affiliated: February 01, 2004  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Aisle-by-Aisle               commercial (demo available)
Automate tedious tasks in MS Access. See results in record time! Report wizard, form templates, menu wizard, query tool. Download free demo with examples.
[ Affiliated: August 21, 2005  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

AP-Developer-Tools CD         
24 developer modules with open VBA source for use in your own projects.
[ Affiliated: June 13, 2004  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Backup Wizard               Freeware
The Backup Wizard can be used to maintain text file based backups of individual database objects, such as forms, reports, modules etc. The wizard also allows you to re-create an object from the saved text file as needed.
[ Affiliated: November 17, 2002  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

dbweigher               commercial (demo available)
Tools to compare and synchronize MS Access databases' content and schema, generate DDL script from MDB files and execute them.
[ Affiliated: July 13, 2008  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Ezy Exporter               MDA
The functionality Microsoft forgot! The easy way to export Access unlimited objects and data in bulk.
[ Affiliated: September 15, 2002  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Ivercy - Source code control integration for Microsoft Access            commercial (demo available)
This add-in lets you do common source code control operations without leaving Microsoft Access and get visual information about your object's status. It works with Microsoft Access 2010, 2013 and 2016 and with all Microsoft Source Code Control API (MSSCCI) compatible source code control providers, including Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Sourcegear Vault and Perforce P4 and many more.
[ Affiliated: September 30, 2015  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Lookup Table Manager               Freeware
Tool to store semi static lookup tables in the front-end and anyhow provide update to all users.
[ Affiliated: December 01, 2002  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

MDEC - MDE Creator for Access 97            commercial (demo available)
Fully automated creation of MDE files for Access 97.
[ Affiliated: November 17, 2002  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

MS Access Scheduler            commercial
A Microsoft Access Scheduler Database Template with source code designed to save you time and help you learn - download a 15-day free trial.
[ Affiliated: February 18, 2007  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

MS Office Bar Code Macros & VBA Functions               free with commercial font
VBA code and functions will generate check digits, add the start and stop characters and format the return string for one of our barcode fonts.
[ Affiliated: August 03, 2002  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

MsgBox-Wizard               commercial (demo available)
This tool creates MsgBox codes in all VBA editors (Access, Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint). Versions for 2000, XP and 2003 are available.
[ Affiliated: April 17, 2005  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

References Wizard               Freeware Add-In
The References Wizard can be used to check whether the references for a database are valid.
[ Affiliated: February 22, 2003  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

SaveAs/LoadFrom Text File               Freeware MDA
This program is designed to allow you to save fast and easily the Objects of a MS Access Database (queries, forms, reports, macros and modules) as a text file or to load these Objects from a text file.
[ Affiliated: November 17, 2002  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Vizual Designer               MDA
Drill down into a hierarchy of all the tables, relations, and fields in your database. You can view selected field properties, and create and delete tables and fields, set indexes, create table relations, and edit other field properties.
[ Affiliated: August 17, 2002  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Vizual Relations               MDA
The smart way to print Access relationships.
[ Affiliated: May 18, 2002  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

V-Tools               Freeware (open code)
V-Tools is a pack of nice and useful tools to enhance your developments. It also has a VERY powerful searching tool.
[ Affiliated: February 07, 2010  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

WindowToBitmap                  Freeware
WindowToBitmap is a database containing a class to allow you to capture and save the entire contents of the Relationship window to a disk based Bitmap file.
[ Affiliated: March 14, 2004  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

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