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ABLD-Databgleich-Turbo            commercial (demo available)
Software to compare Microsoft Access databases, manually or in batch mode.
[ Affiliated: June 05, 2006  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

Beispieldaten-Assistent                  Add-In
The Sample Data Generator of "Access [basics]" produces sample data records for your new application.
[ Affiliated: November 03, 2012  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

DB Commander 2000 PRO            
All-in-one database utility for any person or any company dealing with many types of databases. Ideal for copying and transferring table structures and/or records across different database types.
[ Affiliated: April 06, 2002  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

dbCOPY            commercial (demo available)
dbCOPY is a frontend which offers you the features: copying, aligning, updating of data, db-viewer (data browsing), editing, adding and deleting data records and structures, migration / export of tables and data records.
[ Affiliated: June 05, 2006  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

DBVIEW ELEMENT 2005               Freeware
This viewer can open several databases in different format at the same time.
[ Affiliated: April 21, 2003  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

TM-DatenKlassenGenerator            Add-In
This tool creates data and list classes to wrap the data access.
[ Affiliated: September 24, 2016  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

TM-RebuildDatabase            Add-In
This add-in creates a copy of a current open database by exporting all objects as text and importing them in a new database. This can sometimes repair corrupt databases or remove curious error messages.
[ Affiliated: October 03, 2013  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

TM-TablePerformance            Add-In
To enhance the performance of your database this tool ubdates the subdatasheet name from [Auto] to [None] and disables the "Name AutoCorrect" feature.
[ Affiliated: February 09, 2014  |  Your Feedback for this link ]

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